Learn about some of the great features of Scriptcase 9 and see how you can deliver rich internet or intranet applications in minutes.


Scriptcase is a powerful tool for generating web systems and business applications, helping you to create complete reports( with dashboards, charts and pivot tables) in a simple and quick way for management data analysis


An application for creating business dashboards with KPIs(key performance indicators) relevant to a pupose or business process.


Create web forms using various options available in Scriptcase. These include automatic data validation, layout in blocks and tabs,editable grid form, inclusion and editing of multiple records, many to many relationship , and more.


Scriptcase has two menu applications: Horizontal or Vertical Menu and Tree Menu


Grid application with integrated charts and an exclusive application for dynamic JavaScript graphs creation and customization, with drag and drop interface. With Scriptcase charts you never have to start from scratch.


Calendar application integrates with Google Calendar. Allows creation and updating of events directly in the database table. Form for inclusion, update and deletion. Drag and drop to move events.


Scripcase manages the connection to the database in order to ease the creation process and application maintainence. Projects created in Scriptcase may be connected to different DBMS such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQlite, Interbase, Firebird, MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, SyBase, Informix, or ODBC layer


 Through the Security Module, Scriptcase generates the entire control of applications, users, and groups automatically. You can create secure systems to prevent unauthorized users from having access to certain applications.


Scriptcase offers a complete development environment with several features that optimize team projects. It also enables people located in different places to work on the same project simultaneously


Scriptcase offers several options within its environment where you are free to add your own business rules and customize the system according to the needs of your project. Available features include integration with external libraries, programming IDE (Blank), Events, Macros…


Applications created in Scriptcase support more than 50 languages. Tools like Data Dictionary facilitate  translation and import of table names, fields and internal messages